Current Cannabis MENU


Tahoe OG

Lineage: (76 Afghan Indica x 76 Thai) x Afghan Indica) x Hindu Kush) x Afghan Indica) x Indiana Bubblegum
Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Type: Indica Dominate
Flowering time: 8 weeks – 56-58 days
Description: certain Phenotypes really have a berry to fermented berry terpene profile. A spiciness can remind older smokers of a nice Thai mixed with the old Afghan hash. 
Medical Value: relaxing but uplifting in the mind, quite cerebral. Good day smoke


Blueberry Headband

Lineage: ( 76Blueberry x Emerald OG Kush) x Cali Sour D x Pre -98 Bubba Kush

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Type: Indica

Flowering time: 8 weeks – 58-60 days

Description: very sedating!! Puts down the strongest smokers. Total answer for anxiety and body pain. Euphoric 

Medical Value: anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, great for nerve or muscular pain


Gorilla Glue #4 (aka GG4)

Lineage: Sour Dubb x Chems sis

Location: Indoor Type: Sativa Dominate

Flowering time: 9 weeks – 68 days

Description: Sweet and chocolatey with a lemon to pine terpene slightly gluey

Medical Value: Good for muscular pain, Menstrual cramps, night time smoke


Mother of Berry

Lineage: UNKNOWN from Dirty Water Organics Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Type: Indica / Sativa

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks – 60 days

Description: berry candy amazingness  

Medical Value: Anti- anxiety, anti-depressant, good day or night smoke


Strawberry Cough

Lineage: Strawberry Fields x Haze Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Type: Indica Dominate

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks – 60 days

Description: bred for the sweet flavor of strawberries and calm euphoric feeling. A personal favorite  Medical Value: Great day smoke, good for Anxiety, PTSD, Depression