New Greenhouses

Since a caregiver is only allotted 30 plants our focus is on maximizing that grow at the lowest cost. Our greenhouses are in and we will begin construction on leveling the land, setting up the greenhouses, and running electricity and water to the area. There will be two greenhouses. One will be used as a vegetation room and the other greenhouse will used for flowering. We are excited about expanding our grow operation so that we can get the most out of our plants each season. 


4 acres of opportunity

We had the acreage, all we needed was some motivation and greenhouses. Once the ground thaws, we will place two greenhouses right behind where we are standing. .


Greenhouse Frames and pots

.Each greenhouse is 30' x 40'. We hope to have several strains by the end of the year. 


COnstruction commences 

Ground is leveled and greenhouses are going up. We used down trees and sent them to a local mill to cut the lumber we need. We have rainwater barrels coming soon. 

31949175_1659328297454334_1279860744803844096_n (1).jpg

Greenhouse build

The black flies were out in force that week! Hence the reason for the face nets. Some friends came by and helped with the construction of the greenhouse. We are blessed to have such a great community that supports growing medicine. 


First one is completed

Very excited to have that first greenhouse built. On to the second, we will start to put plants in to this greenhouse immediately.. 


Greenhouses are a go!

We finished construction on both greenhouses and have fans already added. CMP came out and installed the box. We now have electricity and starting on the fence. 


Fence up!

We are about 3/4s of the way through the construction. Once the small details are done here, we will start on our dryroom. 


Batch 001

Our first official harvest!! These are some of the strains we grow. While it doesn't look like much, our plan is to create a perpetual grow. This way we can have harvests every month. Each month the harvest will get bigger and bigger til we reach our allowed limit. 


Outdoor grow!

Our outdoor grow is going great! The ladies are about 8-10 feet in height. 


Cleaned up and ready to flower!

Looking good! Defoliated and prepped for flowering. Can't wait for October harvest. 


Indoor Grow

Our indoor grows are almost complete. We use these mostly for testing purposes. 


Farm Life

Mat has had a passion for farming since he was a kid. Craft cannabis is what he is known for. We love to work with farmers who have a passion for organic cannabis. If you would  like more information on this farm and his genetics, please send us an email