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Veteran Owned and Operated.




There are few people in America who, at a young age, decide to leave their families to accept a challenge and begin a new life in the military. These young men and women are broken down and forged into finely tuned members of the most effective fighting force on the planet. Then sent out to defend our freedoms in foreign lands. Not all return. Those who do find a new challenge waiting, transition. Learning how to not only survive but thrive in a world that should feel familiar but doesn’t. How to maneuver through the scars that only war can create. We understand the daunting challenge that simply returning home can be for many. That is why at Blue Cord Farms we believe that the adjustment starts with a purpose and the purpose starts with community. 



One of the many benefits to serving in the military is concept of the unit or team being utilized to accomplish the mission. Sadly, for many of our veterans that is something that is decidedly lacking when they leave the service. Many veterans end up feeling isolated, like they have nothing useful to provide the world after service. Our goal is to help by providing training in marketable skill, as well as a community of team members dedicated to seeing our veterans succeed in business and life.



Community is very important to our philosophy. Which is why we are always excited to partner with other organizations that share the goal of Veteran Success. As partnerships are created they will be announced in this section. If you are interested in partnering with Blue Cord Farms please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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It all comes back to community. Our communities want our vets to succeed just as much as we do. Through the utilization of our training, assistance from our communities, and partnering with other organizations, our goal is to bridge the gap between the communities and our veterans to make the desired success a reality for both.

Located in Rockland Maine, Blue Cord Farms will rent a fully functional farm to licensed growers

Robert Head and Mat Ladroga served together in Iraq in 2003. Assigned to Alpha Company 1-6 Infantry, based in Baumholder Germany, they forged a friendship that would grow into Blue Cord Farms. Mat has several years’ experience growing and cultivating (legally of course) as a licensed care giver in the state of Maine.

 In 2016, after losing a friend to an overdose of some of the same medications Robert was on, he decided it was time to make some changes. He began supplementing the prescriptions medications with cannabis. It made a profound impact in his ability to function, and overall quality of life.  Ask and he will tell you first hand, medical cannabis saved his life.

The concept is simple, Blue Cord Farms, Inc purchases the land, buildings, and equipment needed to establish a turnkey farming operation. These farms are then rented to growers who have completed the necessary requirements. The operation can be built to the specs that a grower will need based on their state laws and operational requirements.  



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Farms: Rockland Maine

Main Office: Dallas, Texas





Our first round of investment opportunities are now live. We have decide that crowdfunding is a great way to raise the first set of funds we need. This will also give an opportunity to those who are not accredited investors to actively participate in the cannabis industry and make money in return. 


When you click on the link below you will be directed to our funding portal. Create a profile and view our offering. There will be a Q&A section that you can ask questions pertaining to our company and our goals. 

Contact me directly if you have any questions.


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Pleasant Mountain Organics

NOTICE: YOU MUST have WITH you A CURRENT MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD and a valid id TO PURCHASE FROM OUR CAREGIVER. Under  Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program, CMR, Chapter 122, 2.1.3 Protected conduct by a visiting qualifying patients with a valid MMJ card are allowed to purchase from our caregiver. We are located in Knox County near Rockland Maine. He can be reached at 207-542-0137

Pleasant Mountain Organics is run by Mat Ladroga, our Master Grower. A former US. Army Infantryman and Master Grower for Blue Cord Farms, Mat has over 14 years of experience in growing cannabis. He has taught classes at local colleges about cannabis as well as developed many of his own strains. He has worked with some of the top growers across the country. Our products are organiclly grown with living soil, so  no pestisides or chemicals. Our goal is to provide the purest and best product for our patients. Contact us today if you need medicine. 





We have multiple strains to suite your medical needs. If you are unsure of what you will need, our caregiver will be able to set you up with the proper strain that will be best for your needs. 




Our hash is made in house and is available for patients on request. quantity and price change frequently. Please contact our caregiver for more infromation. 




Our rosin is pressed in house and we have mutliple options to choose from. Quantity and price change frequently. Please contact our caregiver for more information.